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Hey, $20 is $20! - The Experience


Jun 21, 2018

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If you would like to listen to the full interview, you may do so HERE! (The complete audio file is edited by Bob as well, so much thanks to him for sitting down for this interview and for helping piece this together!!!!)

Jordan: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Bobthehoboiscool interview, where we will discuss the pickup he did a few weeks ago for BnS called "Hey, $20 is $20". With me is the one and only Bob! How you doin', man?

Bob: Man, I'm doing alright. How about yourself?

Jordan: I'm doing pretty good! Nice to sit down with you and chat about this for a little bit.

Bob: Yeah, for sure!

Jordan: Alright, first question! What inspired you to play on a pickup in the first place, having usually having a more set team around you, such as SKR (Spicy Kraken Rolls)?

Bob: Well, with Spicy Kraken Rolls, there were some tournaments that didn't always interest the entire team, and they weren't a fan of playing in BnS (Bleck n Spoon) partially because it started at a late time and it usually ran pretty long. A lot of them had commitments during the day on Friday, so they weren't able to play in it, and I usually wanted to enter it cause I was more of a night owl. So the week that they did Splat Zones, I just decided I was gonna put a personal ad, if you will in the tourney server just to let people know I was available if someone needed me.

Jordan: Okay. What led to you wanting to play with the people you did on $20 is $20?

Bob: There wasn't really, I guess, a specific reason, because I saw there were three other people that had listed themselves in the free agent server as available as well. So I said "Hey, that's 1, 2, 3, 4 people. That sounds like a whole team to me!", and so I kinda just implied it. And then I believe it was you actually who posted in there and said "Hey, there are four people here. You guys might as well make a team!", and I said I was down for it and Cob, who was one of the other people - he is from Duck Dolla Bill$, replied and said yes, he was down for it as well. Ultra, who was another person that replied, he said he was also down, I believe he is from the ıиκ family, and we said sure. We were waiting on another person. Cob said one of his teammates, Soup, was also available, so we had four people, we were ready to go, and we just kinda threw it together from there!

Jordan: Sounds like a lot of fun! What was it like playing on a pickup with people you likely didn't know before?

Bob: Yeah, I had no clue who any of these people were before I actually played with them. I didn't know that Duck Dolla Bill$ was even a team, I had not heard of them before, and then I didn't really know Ultra either. Apparently, he plays a lot, it's just some people that I never run into. So getting to meet these people and getting to know more people in the Splatoon community, I think, is always great. It intertwines everybody, gives that six degrees of separation kinda thing that you meet each other one way or another, then with the extra added incentive that Bleck threw in there while we were scrambling to throw everything together. He just said "Hey, I'll give you guys $20 if you make top eight" and alright! We were gonna play anyways, but hey! Sure! We'll play for that! So that was kinda how it was born!

Jordan: Sounds like fun! Would you do it again? Why or why not?

Bob: Yeah, I actually would be willing to do it again. I have a little bit of free time for myself as well, so it'd be a lot of fun to get to know more new people, experience a lot of different play styles as well. They played very different from how my team does, so adapting to that and working around it was very interesting for me as well. And getting to know these people through the hectic time of just making (the team) and trying to figure out who was going to take over and "captain" everything and talk with people on Battlefy and all that. I'm now in the Duck Dolla Bill$ server and I even have my own specific role, "$20 is $20" so it's a fun little thing that's connected me to a group of people that I may have never met otherwise.

Jordan: Okay! Alright, last question. Do you believe our scene could benefit from reaching out more and forming pickups more often, kinda like you guys did? Could you explain your reasoning as well?

Bob: Yeah, I really do think it could. There's so many free agents out there that could really benefit from all this. Being part of a pickup, especially when it had that extra incentive that Bleck gave, as simple as it may have been, it really forced us to develop a synergy that we didn't really have from playing together like these other teams did. They had the experience of playing together, but we didn't really have a whole lot of that. We had 30 minutes, tops. I think it could really help a lot of those free agents find people who they enjoy playing with and play well with, because I think, personally with teams, it should be that you guys are good friends first and good players second, honestly, because if you don't have good friendships with one another, the team's not going to stick together and it's not gonna last. So yes, I really do think this could benefit them.

Jordan: Okay, and I would say friendship is important. Do you have any closing thoughts before we wrap this up?

Bob: Get out there, guys! Don't wait around and expect people to come to you when you post those free agent posts. Go out and experience things, reach out to people, just to play even in twins or quads and maybe you guys will find that you guys have really good synergy and have a lot of fun together!

Jordan: Alright, and I would like to thank you for taking this time to sit down with me.

Bob: Yeah, of course man, it's not a problem at all! I enjoy it!

Jordan: That's good, and thank you to all of our readers for tuning in and listening to what Bob has to say about the pickup that he did! And be sure to stay tuned to for more exciting content!

💜Fructose Father💚#1745

Jun 21, 2018

So I make a whole team about my tiddies, and we DO get top 8, and I don't even get an interview? This is prime bigotry. I'm calling the police.

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