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Team Olive Sponsored by Ghost Gaming

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Jun 21, 2018

Team Olive sponsored by ghost gaming

The longtime European powerhouse Team Olive has officially been sponsored by Ghost Gaming. This makes them the second Splatoon 2 team and first full European team to be sponsored by a major Esports organization. Based on details revealed it seems that similar to SetToDestroyX’s sponsorship of their team, Ghost will help their players attend as many major LAN events as possible. This is a huge achievement for the team and the Splatoon 2 scene in general because if everything continues to fall in place we will have at least two officially sponsored teams attending every major LAN increasing the competition and health of the community.

A new chapter of competitive Splatoon 2 seems to be creeping up from the shadows and its name is Ghost Gaming led by their players in Sendou, Erza, DUDE, and Sorin. These phenomenal players have always maintained Team Olive as a top 5 team outside of Japan, but with the support of Ghost Gaming they look to raise themselves to new heights. For more details on their sponsorship check out their reveal videos on their Youtube channels from DUDE and Sorin.Stay tuned to InkTV for more content on this exciting update coming out of Team Olive and Ghost Gaming in the very near future!

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