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Tourney roundup! - Week of June 18th, 2018


Jun 26, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 4 Rainmaker Edition! (June 21st)
  2. French Battle #28 (June 22nd)
  3. GSM Elite #1 (June 23rd)
  4. Squid Spawning Grounds 12 (June 23rd)

BnS Season 4 Rainmaker Edition!

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S4 RM finals Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS!

  1. For the second straight event, BnS was able to top the 40 team mark!!!
  2. An OG BnS favorite, Deep Blues showed that they've still got it, defeating not one but TWO very challenging opponents by taking both Prophecy and phantoM the distance in order to win and claim the $100 cash prize!
  3. Two other teams to note:
  • Red Horizon managed top 8 and took Prophecy to game 5 in quarter finals!
  • Element-R, a team on the rise, toppled [Memes R' Us][MRU] to also manage a spot in top 8!
  1. A few highlights from the event:

  • Deep Blues ends the night with an incredible push in game 7!

  1. If you would like to donate to future BnS prize pools (or other InkTV events), be sure to check out our Patreon and watch our streams on Twitch in order to donate to the weekly donation drives we run!

French Battle #28

Group Stage

Bronze Bracket

Silver Bracket

Gold Bracket

Gold Bracket (Top Cut): FB 28 Top Cut

Silver Bracket: FB 28 Silver

Bronze Bracket: FB 28 Bronze Woah, three brackets! Let's check across the pond to see what our friends in France have been up to this week!!!

  1. 32 teams responded to the call for battle, and in the end, Supsens had a nearly clean sweep of the event, losing only one game between the group stage and Gold Bracket combined!
  2. Two other French teams that are better known internationally also placed into top cut, as EL Phoenix took Final Serum to game 5 in semis, after they knocked out orKsGP Red in round 1 of top cut!
  3. For those that think general Western tournaments get a good turnout in the high teens/low 20s, the French Battle series has actually managed at least 32 teams dating back to French Battle 13, which took place in late October 2017!!!

GSM Elite #1

Battlefy Page

Final standings (overall): GSM Elite 1 That's game! Or is it the set or the match? This isn't Mario Tennis Aces or Smash Bros, this is Splatoon 2!

What is GSM Elite?

  • For those unaware, GSM Elite is a tournament series run by the Long Island Splat crew that attempts to get a monetary flow into the community.
  • The entry fee is higher than most Splatoon events have seen, BUT if you place in the top 75% of teams, you receive at least half of the base entry fee back, and the top 50% of teams break-even at the very least.
  • The top cut portion puts teams through a real challenge, where they play a best of 3 for each mode in order to earn, what are essentially, points.
    • This means that they play a best of 3 on one mode to start, and the winner of that best of 3 claims the "set". You have to claim two of the three sets (Clam Blitz is excluded) in order to win (think best of three sets in tennis to better understand this concept)!
  • This allows teams to put their money on the line in a relatively low risk event, and the chance to make a profit if you perform well enough!

So what happened? Let's take a look!

  1. You can probably gather from the final standings, but this event piqued the interest of a few really solid teams, with Deep Blues, Clockwork, TOMO, Ijisu, Chikara, and Monarchy willing to put their money on the line to duke it out!
  2. In this high-skill tournament, TOMO proved their dominance, defeating Deep Blues in a best of 5 in groups and then in the rematch for grand finals, taking two of the three sets!
  3. If you are looking for more events like this, be sure to check out GSM's Discord server, or if you're looking for a similar format with a smaller entry fee, check out Swift Second Saturdays 10 this Saturday at 1 pm EDT and join the Discord server so you don't miss any updates!

Squid Spawning Grounds 12

Swiss Stage

Top Cut Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: SSG 12 top 8 Newer teams deserve a place to play, too! And with LUTI season 6 divisions coming out, this may be their last chance to play in an event like Squid Spawning Grounds, so let's jump back to spawn and take a look!

  1. The top two seeds going into the event as a whole managed to meet up in grand finals, and what a grand finals it was! They faced in the final round of Swiss and Iced Tea 2-0'd the set against No Name, but this time? It was much more intense, though Iced Tea kept their cool and doused No Name's hopes of winning by taking the set 4-3!
  2. Another team to take a look at is Bubble Trouble. Seeded sixth, they wound up first in the Swiss stage (after a few adjustments for a set that was ended prematurely), taking a game off No Name and defeating Dynasty 4-2 in the bronze match!

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