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Tourney roundup! - Week of June 25th, 2018


Jul 04, 2018

Tourneys covered this week

  1. BnS Season 4: Clam Blitz Edition! (June 28th)
  2. FRST EU - Top 16 (June 29th)
  3. Fresh Start Cup Day 1 (June 30th)

BnS Season 4: Clam Blitz Edition!

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: S4 Clam Blitz Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of the latest BnS event!

  1. A couple new faces to top cut of BnS made it far this week, and claimed their share of the $200 prize pool raised!!!
  2. Ultimately, S M I L E managed to win the final two games against License to Krill in semis and upended The Krew in grands to take home $120, while The Krew won the remaining $80!!!
  3. Something else to note with this tournament is that Seafood Sorbet was able to topple a top NA team (and first seed in the tournament going in) in phantoM, defeating them 3-2 in top cut to manage a top four finish!

FRST EU - Top 16


Bracket: FRST Top 16 Voyons ce que nos amis en France sont jusqu'à cette semaine! (Translates to: "Let's see what our friends in France are up to this week!")

  1. For those unaware, FRST ran two qualifying tournaments earlier this month in order to earn a spot in this top 16, and four players on the winning team are able to win Splatoon t-shirts!!!!!
  2. One of the top teams in the West continued to make their mark, as Chikara, winner of the first qualifier tournament, went almost undefeated in order to be crowned the FRST EU champion!!!
  3. Miss out on the FRST cast by eSportBrosTV? Check out this YouTube video to catch up then (keep in mind, it is a French cast)!!!!

Fresh Start Cup Day 1

Battlefy Page

Swiss Final Standings: FSC Day 1 Is your team inexperienced and looking for a fresh start in competitive? Then poor a nice cup of coffee, kick back, and battle it out with other teams just getting started on their competitive journeys!

  1. For those unaware, this tournament serves two purposes:
  1. The first place finisher, Sleepy Warriors, ended on top due to having both the highest team winning percentage and opponents' winning percentage (in terms of games played)!
  2. Based on the tiebreakers from Battlefy's Swiss formula, Static Intelligence finished second despite the lowest team winning percentage of the four teams to finish 5-1 because they had the second highest opponents' winning percentage. Based on Battlefy tiebreakers, this has a higher priority than the team's winning percentage for this format of Swiss

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