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Tourney roundup! - Week of July 2nd, 2018


Jul 11, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 5 Splat Zones Edition! (July 5th)
  2. Casual Fridays 20 (July 6th)
  3. Fresh Start Cup Day 2 (July 7th)
  4. Squid Spawning Grounds 13 (July 7th)
  5. Sendou's Potpourri Cup 2 (July 8th)

BnS Season 5 Splat Zones Edition!

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S5 SZ

Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. This was the first BnS event to feature a new format in the group Swiss stage, as the sets are no longer "best of 5" but are instead exactly three games, regardless of win or loss in the first two games. The goal here is to even out the number of games every team plays while cutting down on the wait time that happens for certain teams towards the end of each Swiss round.
  2. Through multiple generous stream donations, the prize pool for this event rose to $360, one of the largest cash prize pools this community has seen since Splatoon 2 dropped!
  3. During the event, License to Krill lost two sets and came away with a solid second place (and took home $144 as a team). The two sets they lost? Both were to the tourney winner, Neptune, who won all seven games against them and took home $216!!!!
  4. A few other interesting tidbits about this event:
  • Andy Wants His Nuggies, a team consisting of Mars, Andy, Burning, Lapis, and Kassy, finished a perfect 6-0 in the Swiss stage and took Team Upgrade to game 5 in bracket!
  • OctoPi finished second overall in the Swiss stage and helped round out the top four after bowing out to Neptune in semifinals!

Casual Fridays 20


Top 16 Final Standings: CF 20 top 16

Friday night is a perfect time to relax, so why not look for something a little more casual?

  1. This is one of the newer tourney series that has grown a good bit recently, from having tourneys around 8 to 12 participants to consistently getting 20+ now, with a desire to pander to a more casual-competitive audience but not straight up saying it's an "entry level" event (like Squid Spawning Grounds, which will be covered later in this roundup).
  2. Without dropping a single game, the team "Nexus_" swept through the bracket in order to claim victory!
  3. A couple more notable teams also performed well in this event, with Memes R' Us only falling to Nexus_ and Iced Tea continuing their run of solid tourney placements by taking a respectable fourth!
  4. Another team in their debut tourney, Kraken Rampage, lost to Tempest early in the winners bracket and then stormed through SIX teams in the losers bracket, falling one game short of completing an amazing losers bracket run to finish with the bronze!!!!!

Fresh Start Cup Day 2

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: FSC Day 2

Looking for a fresh start? Then look no further than Fresh Start Cup (FSC), powered by New Teams International Cup (NTIC) and GenGame!!!

  1. This tournament was day 2 of the event that would determine which North American/European Union teams would move on to help represent the West on July 14th at 8 pm EDT. If you are looking for the day 1 event that led to this, then check here!!!
  2. Sleepy Warriors, in a performance that was ANYTHING but sleepy, went almost undefeated in the group stage and then fought through two very tough opponents in order to claim victory and one of the two spots that Fresh Start Cup offered for NTIC!
  3. The other team to make it through? Static Intelligence proved that their intelligence was very dynamic with this performance, only falling to Sleepy Warriors (twice, in groups and in grand finals) to finish second after a very solid performance!

Squid Spawning Grounds 13

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: SSG 13 top cut

Jump back to spawn in this event and enjoy as some new teams duke it out!

  1. In their first event since LUTI season 6 divisions released (and first event on Battlefy), Squid Spawning Grounds (SSG) saw some new teams rise to the top after many former entrants became officially overqualified to join.
  2. They lost one game in round 1 of Swiss and one game in grand finals, and that's it! Other than that, Dynasty was perfect in their run to the title in Squid Spawning Grounds 13!!!!
  3. Similar to the Memes R' Us and Nexus_ situation in Casual Fridays 20, Suspens, a team that is up and coming internationally after this tourney and finishing just outside top 8 in BnS two days earlier, finished a respectable second while only losing to Dynasty (in the Swiss stage and in grand finals)!

Sendou's Potpourri Cup 2

Main Bracket

Underground Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: Potpourri Cup 2

Underground Bracket: Underground PC2

Hey look, Sendou's tournaments are back, and anything can happen when potpourri is involved!

  1. As with many of Sendou's tourneys, this event included both a top cut and an underground bracket, so that each team has the ability to move on to a bracket after the group stage ended.
  2. Two teams came into grand finals having lost a combined one game to that point in the event, so something had to give! The set played out, and the established team in Amaterasu emerged victorious, claiming the win over Moon and co 4-1!
  3. After TWICE losing 2-1 in the three rounds of groups (had they won both sets, they would have made top cut), Spanish Army dusted themselves off, benefited from a team dropping, and swept both teams they faced to claim the Underground Bracket!
  4. Continuing their success from FSC the day before, Sleepy Warriors finished at the top of their group before bowing out to Moon and co to tie for a very respectable third with Blooper Ink!

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