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Tourney roundup! - Week of July 9th, 2018


Jul 18, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. Bleck n Spoon Season 5 Tower Control Edition! (July 12th)
  2. InkStorm Cup (July 14th and 15)

Bleck n Spoon Season 5 Tower Control Edition!

Battley Page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S5 TC Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent Bleck n Spoon (BnS) event!

  1. Through several generous donations and InkTV contributing some money (raised through Twitch subs and the InkTV Patreon), the prize pool for this event finished at a whopping $448 USD!!!!!
  2. After losing their first set (in round 2 of the Swiss stage) due to forfeit, the team "I didn't want to play but Prime made me" might have foreshadowed their success in InkStorm Cup over the weekend by winning every single game they played and taking home the first place prize of $268!!!
  1. The second place team, Puppypop!, almost had their own undefeated run, losing only one game until grand finals and taking home the second place portion of the prize pool, at $180!
  2. Two other notables:
  • Seafood Sorbet, benefiting in part from a Prophecy disconnect in game 3, was almost able to reverse sweep them in round one of top cut, forcing the set to a winner take all game 5!
  • Deep Fried Ramen, a team consisting of Mars, Andy, DeadBird, and Bulby, managed to break into top cut and upset Element-R before bowing out to "I didn't want to play but Prime made me" in semifinals to claim a top four finish!

InkStorm Cup Page

Winners Top Cut Bracket: ISC Win

Losers Top Cut Bracket: ISC Lose Over 60 teams competed, but only two would walk away with the top prize of an all expenses paid trip to Japan to compete in Platinum Cup! There is a lot to unpack here, so let's jump into it!

  1. As mentioned in the tourney blurb, this event featured a true grand prize for the top two teams: all expenses paid trips to Japan to compete in Platinum Cup 4 on August 4th!!!!! These prizes are provided in partnership with Shinobism and EndGameTV, with the former choosing airlines and airports. For more details, feel free to check out their full prizes and restrictions HERE!
  2. Before anything began, this tournament made history from a tournament organization standpoint: it is the first event in the Splatoon community to ever take teams that register and immediately guarantee them a spot in the top cut bracket without them having to do ANYTHING in the event itself. Those teams were:
  1. In the end, it all came down to two teams, one from North America and one from Europe, but not the teams that people expected going in!
  • As mentioned during their win in BnS, the team "ftwin" (with similar players) did not drop a single game in either the group stage or the top cut bracket. This includes SWEEPING both StDx AND Kraken Paradise (KP) to claim the winners bracket in top cut and secure their trip to Japan!
    • Their roster included Shak, Kyo, Toon, and Ice.
  • In the losers side of the bracket, KP was able to dust themselves off and prove they would not go quietly. After StDx staved off Ghost Gaming in game 5 on Kelp Dome Rainmaker, they faced KP in losers finals. And KP swept them right out of the tournament and right into winning the second set of tickets to Japan!

Update: Because KP had issues regarding their travel preparation and availability, Shinobism was no longer able to send them to Japan for Platinum Cup 4. In their place, StDx, the third place finalist, will be going instead.

  1. A few other notes from around the top cut bracket:
  • Prophecy was able to put a scare in StDx, taking them to game 5 before falling in winners round 3 on their way to a top six finish.
  • Lastation, the third sponsored team in this event (sponsored by Bayou Bosses), was one of the surprises in top 16, managing to defeat Deep Blues in winners round 1 as one of the notable upsets during the event.
  • Kraken Paradise, on their way to winning one of the two sets of tickets to Japan, had to defeat Ghost Gaming in winners and StDx in losers along the way, the two teams that were floated straight to top cut bracket.
  1. Let's not forget the Bronze and Silver Brackets!
  • After struggling in group stage out of the gate, Just For The Halibut picked up the pieces and swept away all four opponents they faced to claim the Bronze Bracket title!
  • After narrowly missing a shot at the top 32 bracket by losing to Elbow Drops and Peanut Pops in the Redemption Bracket, Elite Squids managed it into Silver Bracket. And there, they would not be denied! While not as one-sided of a road as Just For The Halibut had in Bronze Bracket, they defeated three teams to claim the title!

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