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Tourney roundup! - Week of July 16th, 2018


Jul 26, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 5 Rainmaker Edition! (July 19th)
  2. extraFAganza! 1 (July 21st)
  3. Sendou's In The Zone 4 (July 21st)
  4. Squid Spawning Grounds 14 (July 21st)
  5. 4v4 Sundaes 6: Mint Chocolate Chip (July 22nd)

BnS Season 5 Rainmaker Edition!

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Top Cut Bracket: BnS S5 RM Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. This tournament had 55 teams fully register for it, making it easily one of the biggest evening tournaments the Splatoon scene has ever had (if not straight up the biggest in terms of team attendance). On top of that, the final cash prize pool contained $321 through several Twitch donations!!!!!
  2. During the Swiss stage of the event, one of the newer teams to the scene made waves, as Luminous Sea finished second overall at a 5-1 record, upsetting several more notable teams, so be sure to be on the lookout for them in the future!!!!
  3. One of those teams that Luminous Sea defeated in the Swiss stage was Deep Blues, but these grizzled veterans would not be denied come top cut! They would knock off Synergy for the second time in the event, sweep away Surge in semifinals, and finish off phantoM in grand finals to take home almost $200 ($196 to be exact) as the victors (phantoM getting the remaining amount of the prize pool, at $132)!
  4. In order to avoid a game 7 and win the tournament outright, Deep Blues needed a clutch overtime comeback. And who better to put the Rainmaker in the hands of than Marsh?

extraFAganza! 1

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Top Cut Bracket: extraFAganza top 8 This isn't your ordinary free agent tournament. This is an extravaganza!!!!

  1. For those unaware, this is the first of a new bimonthly series hosted by InkTV where the goal is to match free agents with other free agents of similar skill (based on several metrics that are provided by the players themselves) in the hopes of achieving networking, a day of fun, and possibly a few new teams!
  2. During the Swiss stage, Horrid Bonitos took down 3 Headed Guppies 3-1 in round two. They would meet again in grand finals for an even tighter set, which wound up going to game 7! The winner? Horrid Bonitos, capping off an exceptional tourney run without losing a single set and claiming the $100 first place cash prize!
  1. As mentioned at the end of the first point, one goal is to create new teams from this event, and even if they didn't make top cut, one new team did form from this event! They went under the name "Ticklish Boatswains" during extraFAganza! 1, but have decided to unite and become Onii Squids!

Sendou's In The Zone 4

Main Bracket

Underground Bracket

Main Bracket: In The Zone 4 Main

Underground Bracket: In The Zone 4 Underground Sendou's In The Zone is BACK! Are you able to stay focused? Can you keep your eye on the ball? Do you have what it takes to remain IN THE ZONE???

  1. This tournament continues our theme of tournaments with prizes lately, as it has a rare team commission by the wonderful Abe!
  2. A simple name, but their skill was anything but that! The team ": )" came into this event as top seed and showed exactly why! They won all but three games across four sets, and defeated Pandora 4-1 in grand finals to win the event and claim the art prize!!!
  1. In the Underground Bracket, TakeOver! proved they still have some gas left in the tank. After being taken to game 5 by Black Line, they swept their next two opponents to make the most of their second opportunity!

Squid Spawning Grounds 14

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Top Cut Bracket: SSG 14 top 8 After all the action that happened earlier in the day, jump back to spawn and watch some new squid teams duke it out in this newer/lesser experienced team only tourney!

  1. This was the biggest Squid Spawning Grounds (SSG) event since SSG 9, which was the second of back to back events where they hit 20 entrants!
  2. They lost their first round in the Swiss stage, but then Squid Ninjas started rolling, not losing another set in order to sneak into the first place victory!!!
  3. The team that Squid Ninjas sneaked past in grand finals, Harmony, lost only two games to that point in the tournament, so don't be surprised if you see them winning an SSG soon and making waves in other tournaments as well!

4v4 Sundaes 6: Mint Chocolate Chip


Final Standings: 4v4 Sundaes Have a nice dish of ice cream as you do some "Sunday chillin". Whipped cream, please!

  1. After taking a close loss in round two of winners bracket, the team "We Love Megges" charged through five rounds of the losers bracket, going undefeated in those five sets and claiming eight of 11 games from second place finisher Oblivion in order to take the title!
  1. After disbanding nine months ago, Semix made their return during this event and finished in a solid fourth place out of the 16 teams, with their only two set losses being to the teams that finished first and second in the event overall!

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