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Beyond The Ink Description and Preview


Jul 26, 2018

Beyond The Ink logo

What is Beyond The Ink?


Beyond The Ink is a biweekly one on one interview show hosted by me (Jordan), where I will take my guest beyond the game of Splatoon - hence the name - to discuss who they are as a person. Keep in mind, we will discuss Splatoon aspects as well, just not the more technical elements as that will be a different show. Each episode will be approximately one hour in length, have a different guest on than the previous episode, and will touch on different topics in order to fit the individual being interviewed, so there will not be a "cookie cutter" question set that every person gets asked.

For those of you that may remember, there were a few episodes of Beyond The Ink that occurred in the first half of last year, before the show was put on hiatus. We return now with a reinvigorated energy to deliver top quality interviews and further push the content side of things for the Splatoon 2 competitive community. With updated overlays, updated setups, and a fresh batch of guests in the works, the new energy this show is being brought should create many exciting stories, and hopefully a few of those "I didn't know that" moments for many people we know of in this community, but don't really know personally.

On top of ALL THAT, I'm happy to announce that I will be collaborating with my close friend and InkTV colleague Marsh on this project, as my interviews will be part 2 of 2 where we include a written series that spotlights the team of the player being interviewed that particular week. What does this mean? Our first guest on the show will be Dr. Prodigy of Deep Blues, so Marsh will be doing a team spotlight for Deep Blues as a lead-in to my one on one with Prodigy!

Who can be a guest for it?

In theory, anyone can be interviewed. But keep in mind a few things:

  • I already have a list of guests that I would like to get for the show. This does NOT mean you won't be able to get an interview, as I would love to talk with as many people as possible. It just means you may not be able to get one right away.
  • You have to be comfortable with:
    • Giving a one on one video call interview with me.
    • Being able to articulate your answers.
    • Being able to hold a conversation with me over the course of an hour.
    • Talk about different aspects of your life (I PROMISE I will NOT get too personal).

If you feel you fit all of the above, you are free to message me on Discord @Ink.Jordan#2816 and we can discuss setting you up!

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