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Team Spotlight: Deep Blues


Jul 28, 2018

Series Intro

Welcome to the first of many Team Spotlights. This will be posted alongside Jordan’s Beyond the Ink to give you an insight into the teams of the individual he’s interviewing. I’ll be giving you a background to how these teams formed, their competitive history, and an overview of the current team.

I’m Marshall Greenbaum, if you didn’t catch that at the top. As a competitive player on Deep Blues and also helping run a couple of tourneys, some of y’all might already know me. Hopefully, y’all will enjoy future stuff that I put out. Most importantly though, please remember to praise the Mountie Hat.


Team History

Deep Blues is one of the oldest teams that’s still active today. They formed way back on May 9th, 2016 by Deadbird, Mars, and Myth. The initial members came from 3HP, Dynamite, and Fresh Squids. These teams all fell apart right around the same time and after the first couple of folks started it, Deep Blues was a legitimate team.

Deep Blues started out in Splatoon 1 as a C division in Leagues Under the Ink Season 2. Towards the end of the league they began to actually get better. They then rose to A division in the following season, and then S in the next. For their team during the first Splatoon game, their biggest growth came from the Bleck and Spoon (BnS) weekly tournament series. They played almost every single week and it really helped them all become better as a team. Scrims were great and all, but when they started BnS, that’s what really gave them the drive to do better. For Taylor, one of the players on Deep Blues, he said that he wanted to be able to say “that yes, my team and I can win tourneys together”. Winning these smaller events gave him the confidence to keep going and keep trying to win a major tournament. As a young team, nothing’s more intimidating than entering a major tourney and getting stomped first round by a strong team like StDx. Finding a weekly that allowed them to face a more diverse pool of teams, which for them was BnS, helped pave the road to getting better. Following that, scrims became the main method of practice and still are. Though, the one thing scrims lack is that real drive to win; scrims are about learning, the smaller tourneys were about winning.

Logo and Current Roster

The current Deep Blues logo was done by Amaringos.


Mars,one of the original members, explains her thoughts behind it’s formation:

Mars: “Well, when we came up with the name Deep Blues, what came to mind was the ocean obviously. But when I was thinking about it more I was like hey, an anchor kind if fits what we want this team to be. Something strong, and something that lasts. So I knew that being in there would be cool, for the first logo we had. Pip came up with the overall first design with the two inklings on the sides and hey for our first logo it was pretty good. The flowers come from Hearts Remembrance’s old logo and used the flowers from theirs bc those are our roots imo and how we all met, through 3 Hit Points/Fresh Squids days etc”

Deep Blues

  • Marsh: Nozzles, Brella, and Dualies
  • Taylor: Splattershot, Dualies
  • Dreas: Whatever is meta, aggressive edition.
  • Prodigy: Whatever is meta, defensive edition.
  • Dei: Chargers, Heavy, Rapids.

Notable Tourney Results

Deep Blues Family

Thank you Ryee for making this to remember all the friends who have been on Deep Blues! dbold


Jul 27, 2018

Beautiful (All hail the mighty Mountie Hat 🙇🏼‍♂️)

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