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Tourney roundup! - Week of July 23rd, 2018


Jul 31, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 5 Clam Blitz Edition! (July 26th)
  2. FRST #20 (July 27th)
  3. Sendou's In The Zone 5 (July 28th)

BnS Season 5 Clam Blitz Edition!

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S5 CB Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. BnS Season 5 comes to a close with this event, and (not counting the numbers talked about in 2), the average across the four tourneys for Season 5 (aka the month of July) are as follows:
  • Average number of teams per tourney = 45
  • Average TOTAL prize pool per tourney = $394
  1. This event also saw the first two true pickups make top cut since starting the "$20 challenge" (where a team deemed a pickup by the staff makes top 8), and because of that, they both walked away with $20 for their team!
  1. As you can see from the image above, there was a very close top cut throughout every set, with only ONE of the seven match-ups being a clean sweep (and that one was assisted by two DCs and a forfeit after game 2 occurred).
  2. When the dust settled, the victorious team was Puppypop!, who claimed the rematch set with "sled gang", took out Seafood Sorbet 3-1 in semis, and defeated phantoM 4-1 in grand finals to take home the first place prize of $264, while phantoM claimed second place and $176.
  3. Another team that might be on the rise is Instant<>Ramen, who claimed the top spot in the six round Swiss stage, helped out by wins in rounds 5 and 6 against Duck Dolla Bill$ and Prophecy, respectively!

FRST #20

Swiss Stage

Top Cut Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: FRST 20 top cut 32 teams answered the call to battle, but only one could claim victory. Vive la France!

  1. This tournament wound up being a VERY good one for the Extralamars clan, as ALL FOUR of their teams made top cut (Firmament, Arctic, Phoenix, and Zephyr in that order)!!!!
  2. On top of that, three out of four of them made it to semifinals in the top cut bracket as well, joined by the team that took out Zephyr in the quarterfinals and finished first overall in the Swiss stage, Astral.
  3. There was almost an all Extralamars grand finals, too, but Astral claimed game 5 of the semis to put a stop to that. But EL Firmament would NOT be denied in their rematch (Astral had defeated them 2-0 in round 5 of the Swiss stage), and Firmament claimed round 2 by winning grand finals four games to two!!!
  4. If you're looking to check out more action from our friends in France, be sure to watch their tourneys LIVE on eSportBrosTV's Twitch channel!!!

Sendou's In The Zone 5


Top 16 Final Standings: ITZ 5 top 16 For this round of In The Zone, Sendou is going double trouble with double elimination! Does your team have what it takes to stay IN THE ZONE????

  1. No prizes this time, but that didn't stop several high level teams from entering! The team that took the bronze in this event was the one to knock the EU representative at E3, BackSquids, to the losers bracket, and their name is ReZen!
  2. But in double elimination, you aren't out until you lose twice, right? Correct, and the team that knocked out BackSquids from the tourney was the team that finished second in Prophecy!!!
  3. Neither of those teams came close to the team that would dominate the day, that being "Baguette Gang" who lost only two games during the event and emerged victorious!!!

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