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Long Island Summer Splat: NY's Summer LAN Major

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Aug 10, 2018

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Long Island Summer Splat (LISS) presented by GameSetMatch and GenGame is about 2 weeks away (August 24th-26th) and now is the time to sign up before it is too late! The event sports something for everyone, being both a major Splatoon LAN event and an exciting end of Summer bash.

For those of you that want a fun way to spend the end of the Summer with your Splatoon community friends, LISS has you covered. The opening day of the event, Friday August 24th, won’t start the Splatoon tournament, but it will start the fun. Friday night will feature a barbeque at the venue so you and your friends can grab a good bite to eat and just kick back before the tournament starts the following day. All food is free of charge until supplies run out so you definitely don’t want to be late to this party. There will also be some exciting tournaments and freeplay of assorted Switch games such as Mario Tennis Aces throughout the night. So grab a burger, grab a controller, grab some friends and have a great time doing what you love most.

The Splatoon event will be the focus for the next two days and it is shaping up to be one of the most competitive LAN events yet. The usual LAN favorite, SetToDestroyX, is set to attend and they’re looking to take home the gold, but similarly to the E3 World Championship a European powerhouse stands in their way once again. The newly sponsored Ghost Gaming, featuring big name players like ThatSrb2DUDE and Sendou, will be making their first major LAN appearance in the U.S. after the signing and you can be sure they’re in it to win it. Beyond the sponsored teams, there are plenty of teams capable of taking home the win. quantuM, formerly known as phantoM, is a top tier North American team online and even has some veteran LAN attendees in DeeJayy who took second place at the largest community run Splatoon 2 event at Smash N Splash 4 and Zero who won Long Island Splat 3, the local LAN event held in the same venue. There is also Deep Blues, who have placed near the top of pretty much every LAN event they have attended and are seeking their first LAN victory after falling to third in the most recent Smash N Splash 4. A lot of strong players such as Gamer (formerly of Saikai and second place at Smash N Splash 4), Hitzel (Clockwork and multiple LAN pickups), and EBJustin (Envizion) are signed up as well and will likely be forming pickup teams or filling out the roster of some established teams to compete. The Summer may be coming to a close but Long Island sure is heating up! With all of the potential sets as the teams fight for the prize money, which will have $500 added to it thanks to the generosity of GameSetMatch and GenGame, you can be sure this event will live up to the hype.

aon gaming casting room If you aren't able to make it and have to watch Long Island Summer Splat from home, you will be met with the amazing newly refurbished casting room for the commentators as they and GenGame bring you the highest quality production stream possible!

Even if you aren’t a big fan of all the competitive teams or simply aren’t that into competitive tournaments, LISS is still for you. As mentioned, there is the fun Friday night bash to start the event, but there are plenty of popular streamers within the Splatoon community attending. If you’re a fan of Mellana or FiletOFish, you can be sure that these two will gladly be as welcoming to you in person as they are on their Twitch channels. If you are a fan of big time commentators, E3 commentator NineWholeGrains will be attending and bringing the hype and incredible analysis. Another superstar will be at the event and competing as well, the one and only PKSparkxx. Make sure to catch him breaking it down commentating and hyping it up as the MC during the later part of the tourney. Meet some of the most popular and friendly people in the Splatoon community this Summer only at Long Island Summer Splat!

long island summer splat tank top

It would be a travesty to talk about LISS and not bring up its amazing merchandise shop. They’ve got their beautiful logo decorated on shirts, tote bags and tank tops. Personally, I’ve been eyeing the black tank top and can’t wait to wear it at the event! Everyone should definitely grab themselves some gear as not only does it all look amazing, 50% of all the proceeds go toward getting NineWholeGrains to the event, a goal that has already been met, and funding the Friday night barbeque so that there is more than enough food for everyone.

Whether it’s for Splatoon, food, or friends, Long Island Summer Splat will be the talked about event both as a viewer or a player for quite some time and nothing is like experiencing a Splatoon major LAN event in person. You don’t want to regret not going to this event so sign up now before registration closes a week before the event. Everything you need to know about the event can be found in the links below so we all can send the Summer off with a proper bang!

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