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Team Spotlight: Vitamin Sea


Aug 10, 2018


The seeds of Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea was formed back in 2017 when the founding members found themselves unhappy with their current team. Due to inactivity and poor leadership, those who wanted to improve their gameplay set sail to make a new team. Ebz, Magic8Ball, Ghost, and Lily made up the initial crew on Vitamin Sea on July 4th 2017, hoping to be a team that worked together and remained active.

Competitive Beginnings

Vitamin Sea’s early growth came from entering as many tourneys as possible and scrimming teams as often as they could. An important part of their journey came from making sure to ask questions following scrims in order to better understand what they needed to work on. They entered “new team” tourneys such as Young Ink or large tourneys like the SquidboardsSplatSeries (SqSS), the kind of events that had multiple brackets or two day events to give them more matches to play. Playing these numerous matches made Vitamin Sea’s players blossom into what they are today.

One of the original members, Lily, explains how they made waves in the competitive scene: “I think it's important to get out there. Meet people and make friends 'cause that's how you find people to play with and learn from. Enter everything you can for the same reason. Half the people Vitamin Sea scrims now we found playing random tournaments, and we're never short on new opinions or mindsets because we tried our best to talk to everyone. Don't be afraid of losing, losing is a part of growing. Enter things, ask people questions, never stop learning.”

Crim, a newer member of Vitamin Sea says: “A huge thing is mindset, being able to take losses and learn from your mistakes. Being positive is also a really important thing and not being salty about lag and over things out of your control. As you learn to accept and deal with things in this game that aren't in control you'll be able to better focus and improve on the things that are in your control as a player.”

Team Logo and Name

The name Vitamin Sea comes from Lily’s desire to have a silly pun in their team name. Naturally, their logo had to follow suit in the goofiness and was made by toyoll. Their goal was to make it memorable just like the unique pun in the name. The Orange with sunglasses mockup stuck and they kept riding that wave to the final design. VSLogo


Vitamin Sea

  • Ebz - blasters, sloshers, squelchies, squeezer
  • Lily - Jr, nzaps, ttek
  • RC - splatlings, chargers
  • Monado - splatlings, splattershots, trislosher
  • Crim - flex (he plays too many to narrow)
  • Mullin - Brellas, sloshers

VSBanner Banner made by Penguitt

Beyond The Ink

Make sure to check out Jordan's upcoming Beyond The Ink interview with Lily! It'll be live on Saturday at 11 EST so you can learn more about the captain of Vitamin Sea and what they do in life!

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