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Tourney roundup! - Week of August 20th, 2018


Aug 29, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. FRST #22 (August 24th)
  2. Casual Fridays 23 (August 24th)
  3. Seascraper Deluxe [Season 3] (August 25th)
  4. Long Island Summer Splat (August 25th and 26th)

FRST #22

Swiss Stage


Top Cut Bracket: FRST 22 top cut We start our tourney roundup this week in France, with a tourney series they might call magnifique (magnificent)!

  1. For those familiar with the teams that play in this event, some of these teams should look familiar, such as EL Arctic of the Extralamars clan, coming in first in the Swiss stage. But in top cut, they were taken down by a newer team to the French scene, as Astral claimed the title with an almost undefeated run through top cut!
  2. Astral also got "the salty runback" after losing to EL Arctic 2-1 in the fifth and final round of the Swiss stage, marking the only two games the eventual champs lost through eight rounds of tournament play.
  3. Elsewhere, we see another familiar face to the Western scene, Clanless, finish 4-1 in the Swiss stage (only losing to Astral in round 4), and taking home the bronze with a 4-0 sweep of Uninkable Squiders.

Casual Fridays 23

Swiss Stage


Top Cut Bracket: CF 23 top 8 Fridays are a time for unwinding after a long week. Let's go to the casual side and see what's up with our end of the week tourney!

  1. Some familiar names populate top 8 of this event, and the top four seeds in the Swiss stage ended as the top four for the overall event itself. But who won? Atramentum! Losing only to Infamous in round 3 of Swiss, they survived two best of 5 sets going to game 5 to make it to finals, where they swept Surge to take home victory!!!
  2. Atramentum also played BEt in round 5 of Swiss stage and lost 2-0, but managed to stave them off when it matters in semifinals of top cut bracket!
  3. Another team to take note of for this event is a team called Midnight, as they navigated their way to a 3-1 record (plus a bye) in order to make top cut, so be on the lookout for them in future tournaments!

Seascraper Deluxe [Season 3]


Top Cut Bracket: Seascraper Deluxe S3 top cut A Saturday tournament? In my Seascraper series? NO WAY! Let's see what happened!!!

  1. As alluded to in the intro blurb, Seascraper is a weekly Tuesday series for European teams, but this event took place during Long Island Summer Splat on Saturday and managed to get 28 teams to play!
  2. In this event, several sets wound up being as close as possible, as seven of the eight matchups that occurred in top eight went all the way (to game five in a best of 5 and game seven in a best of 7). The ultimate winner, benefiting from the only sweep in top eight and staving off two very close sets, was Amaterasu, defending their first overall seed and showcasing why they are one of the best in the EU scene!
  3. However, there's one team that many people should be taking note of, and that's Pelagos (formerly Imagine Squids), as they managed first place in their group, swept TakeOver, and went to game seven in taking down BOTH Oblivion and Inklings Team before bowing out to Amaterasu in game seven of grand finals.
  4. To round it all out, Astral (winners of FRST #22 the day before) completed their second solid placing of the week, defeating Inklings Team in seven games to take home the bronze!

Long Island Summer Splat page

Top Cut Bracket: LISS top 8

Silver Bracket: LISS Silver As the summer winds down, one more big event to close it out! 20 teams, four sponsored teams, all competing in the second major LAN event brought to us by Game Set Match!

  1. For those unaware of how top cut bracket works for GSM events, it is a "best of three, best of three set play" where you have to win two of the three sets to win the whole match, outlined like this:
  • Set 1: Best of three in the first mode
  • Set 2: Best of three in the second mode
  • Set 3: Best of three in the third mode (if necessary)
  • Think of it as similar to how tennis works.
  1. As mentioned, the top four seeded teams for this event were all sponsored, and on top of that, they represented the top four placements come top cut!
  1. This LAN also had a few firsts for Splatoon 2 LAN events:
  • The first ever LAN championship for Ghost Gaming (formerly Team Olive)
  • The first Splatoon 2 LAN major that was NOT won by SetToDestroyX, coming into this event as four time defending champions.
  1. Running the totals, Ghost Gaming was able to dethrone SetToDestroyX as LAN champions, winning eight of their ten sets during the set play top cut to be crowned the winners of Long Island Summer Splat!
  2. In Silver Bracket, several notable community names faced off in grand finals, where "N.S.F.Woomy" (PasteCat, d$ Cob, Jackie, and Lapis) faced "Missing in Action" (Specter, The Law, Rafa, and Wolf). In an intense five game set, Missing in Action proved they were anything but to claim the Silver Bracket title!

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