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Tourney roundup! - Week of August 27th, 2018


Sep 06, 2018

Tournaments this week

  1. BnS Season 6: The Final Exam! (August 30th)
  2. French Battle #32 (August 31st)
  3. Squid Spawning Grounds 17 (September 1st)
  4. Sendou's In The Zone 6 (September 2nd)

BnS Season 6: The Final Exam!

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S6 Final Exam Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. After taking two weeks off, BnS returned and 40 teams started in Swiss. In the end, they would be playing for $1,052, the biggest cash prize pool any online Splatoon or Splatoon 2 tournament has ever seen (this amount has been topped by LAN events, but it easily surpasses the previous title holder for online)!!!!!!*
  2. Top 8 saw some INTENSE matches, where five of the seven sets failed to be clean sweeps. And after surviving 3-2 sets against EnviZion and Puppypop! respectively, Demise and Hive met in grand finals just days after not meeting up in Long Island Summer Splat. And after an insane first six games, Demise finished off an insane tournament with an exclamation point in game 7 of grand finals!

  1. There were also two teams that made top cut that may not be as notable as the ones mentioned above: Pure Inksanity and Instant<>Ramen, who finished fourth and seventh in Swiss respectively (combining for seven set wins, four set ties, and only one set loss - Pure Inksanity losing to Hive in round 1 3-1), so they continue their climb up the ladder of higher level teams!
  2. One other interesting note on the Swiss stage of this event: no team managed to win more than four sets in the six rounds, but also no team in top cut lost more than once. Every team in top cut had at least one tie (Instant<>Ramen, as it turned out, had three).

French Battle #32

Main Bracket

Silver Bracket

Bronze Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: FB 32 top cut

Silver Bracket: FB 32 Silver

Bronze Bracket: FB 32 Bronze Liberté, égalité, fraternité! 40 équipes sont entrées, mais un seul peut gagner cette French Battle!

  1. For those that don't know, in order to make top cut in this tournament, you have to come in first in your group. So right away, top cut includes eight of the highest performing teams in the tournament!
  2. Much like BnS top cut the day before, this event had most sets (six of seven) not result in sweeps in top cut! And after surviving a 2-1 set in the group stage and a 3-2 semifinals, Naito Hoshi wrapped up the tournament with a 4-1 win over "Random Pick Up" (Kotaro, Wolkio, Saber, Xylorn, and Gallonse) to claim victory in this Battle of France!
  3. After narrowly missing top cut by losing to Suspens 2-1 in group stage, the Uninkable Octalers dusted themselves off and went on a solid set winning streak. They took their last two in group stage to qualify for Silver Bracket, then went almost undefeated (losing only once in three sets) to take home a solid consolation prize in Silver Bracket victory!
  4. Coming from the same group as Uninkable Octalers, Potatoon managed third in their group, and then managed a similar run through the Bronze Bracket, claiming it by defeating Soul-Destroyer 4-2 in grand finals!

Squid Spawning Grounds 17

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: SSG 17 top 8 For this Saturday night event, jump back to spawn and check out these younger teams as they develop as inklings!

  1. Based solely on signups, this edition of Squid Spawning Grounds had the most teams yet in the series with a whopping 33!!!
  2. For most of the tournament, it looked like Static Intelligence would be the team to pull off the victory, going 5-0 in the Swiss stage (losing only one game in the process) and losing only one game across quarterfinals and semifinals. But they were DENIED in grand finals by BAD! in a back and forth set ending in the latter team's favor by a score of 4-3!!!
  3. Another team to look out for could easily be Fresh Ink, as they managed the definition of coming in bronze, losing to only two teams across eight rounds in the tournament. And as luck would have it, those two teams just happened to be Static Intelligence (in the Swiss stage) and BAD! (in the finals bracket), securing the win with a clean 4-0 over BubbleTrouble!

Sendou's In The Zone 6


Top 16 Final Standings: ITZ 6 top 16 The competition is FIERCE! But can you keep your focus long enough to stay IN THE ZONE? Let us take a look!

  1. 34 teams tried to stay cool and in the zone during this Sendou event, but only one team could emerge victorious. That team was "BERLIN VIT" (Noctis, Fumiko, Frog, and Obito), losing only three games across six different sets!!!
  2. As it would turn out, those three game losses all came at the hands of second place finisher Demise, who were looking for their second tourney win of the week after barely knocking off Hive in grand finals of BnS three days earlier.
  3. Fans of the tourney roundup may also recognize another team that placed well, as they won one tournament and finished third in another tournament two weeks ago. That team being Astral, and boy did they make some waves during this event in securing fourth overall!
  • Defeated Rising Rivals in winners round 1
  • Defeated Prophecy in winners round 2
  • Defeated Limitless in winners round 3
  • Defeated Oblivion in winners quarterfinals
  • Took a game off eventual third place finisher BackSquids in winners semifinals
  • Defeated Gemini in losers quarterfinals

*If it comes to someone's attention that this is INCORRECT, please DM me with the tournament, official prize amount, and PROOF if possible and I will gladly amend this statement.

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