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Tourney roundup! - Week of September 10th, 2018


Sep 19, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 7 Tower Control Edition! (September 13th)
  2. French Battle 33 (September 14th)
  3. extraFAganza 2 (September 15th)
  4. Saturday Morning Coffee 2.1 (September 15th)

BnS Season 7 Tower Control Edition!

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S7 TC Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the latest BnS event!!!

  1. The Kraken was hungry, but this isn't Splatoon 1! Nevertheless, the team "Feed Kraken" came in as first seed, split with Puppypop! 2-2 in round 2 (Feed Kraken's first match of the night), and then went off! With a roster of Toon, Kyo, Kaji, and Kiver, they would not be denied! Going undefeated the rest of the night, they swept Hive in grand finals and claimed the first place prize of $192 (Hive received the second place prize of $128)!!!
  2. In order to set up this match-up, Hive had to find a way past Puppypop! in semifinals, having already lost games 1 and 2 in the best of 5. But with a key play from Dr3a5 in game 4 and staving them off in game 5, they pulled off the late night reverse sweep!

Dr3a5's triple in game 4:

Hive completes the reverse sweep:

  1. Another team to take note of from this BnS is Torna who made top 8 in the first tournament they ever played in as a team, so be on the lookout for them in future events!!!!

French Battle 33

Main Bracket

Silver Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: FB 33 top cut

Silver Bracket: FB 33 Silver En cela, la 33e édition de la French Battle, 32 équipes lutté pour la suprématie! (This translates roughly to "In this, the 33rd edition of French Battle, 32 teams battled it out for supremacy!")

  1. In a new change to the French Battle tournament, they did away with the Bronze Bracket and created a system where, in this event's case, everyone moves on to a specific bracket! Top 2 in a group to top cut, and bottom 2 to Silver Bracket.
  2. Fans of the French Battle series may notice one team in particular, that of first seed Naito Hoshi who took first in their group and didn't face much opposition throughout most of the event. But then, grand finals put on an entirely different feel, as Win it All ESports took them to game 7 before bowing out and giving Naito Hoshi the championship!!!
  3. Another team of note is New Wave who, after finishing a respectable third in French Battle 32's Silver Bracket, made top cut thanks to the expanded cut made during this event. And they took Win it All ESports to game 5 in semifinals before falling to Atomic Zone 4-2 in the bronze match.
  4. In the Silver Bracket, Paradise (having missed top cut by one game) mowed through their three opponents, going a perfect 9-0 across three sets to take home the title!

extraFAganza 2

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: extraFAganza 2 top cut These free agents were anything but free during this event, cause they had teams to play with and games to win! What happened? Let's check it out!

  1. For those unaware, this is the second of InkTV's bimonthly free agent tournament, where players who are not currently on a team (and players who ARE on a team that is actively recruiting) can get together and meet new people, expand their social circle, and possibly have unofficial tryouts with those that have entered as "recruiters". For the results of the first event, see here. Also, stay tuned for extraFAganza 3 in November!
  2. In the event itself, the team "Wacky Dragonfishes" won a CRUCIAL set in round 5 of the Swiss stage (it determined which of those two teams would be guaranteed top cut, while the other wound up missing out completely) and went a combined 10-2 to take home the title and cash prize (increased to $125 in this case due to a sub needed in grand finals, so each player received $25). Their roster across the tournament consisted of:
  1. On top of the above, grand finals was also a rematch of Swiss stage round 3, where Kooky Mackerels wound up getting a 4-0 over Wacky Dragonfishes, but the latter evened the score and won when it counted most!

Wacky Dragonfishes claim victory:

Saturday Morning Coffee 2.1


Top 16 Final Standings: SMC 2.1 top 16 Grab your hot, fresh, morning cup of Joe and sit down to check out these awesome results!

  1. In this, the second reboot of the Saturday Morning Coffee series, 28 teams showed up to battle it out! The winner? After losing to BEt 3-1 in winners semifinals, Demise went through three solid teams in losers bracket and took 8 of 10 games from BEt in grand finals and bracket reset to defend their title as Saturday Morning Coffee champions!
  2. Our second team this week competing in their first official tournament that did well happened during this event, as Plague took third place finisher License to Krill to a game 5 in winners round 3 before ending their run a respectable tied for 7th place!!!
  3. One last thing to take note of here is the multitude of close sets towards the end of the bracket. Combining winners round 3 on, losers round 6 on, grand finals, and bracket reset, a total of 13 sets were played. Of those, only four of them ended in a sweep, with just as many going to the deciding game (and grand finals going to game 6 in a best of 7 set)!

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