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Tourney roundup! - Week of September 17th, 2018


Sep 26, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. BnS Season 7 Rainmaker Edition! (September 20th)
  2. FRST 24 (September 21st)
  3. Saturday Morning Coffee: Espresso Edition (September 22nd)
  4. 4v4 Sundaes 12 (September 23rd)

BnS Season 7 Rainmaker Edition!

Battlefy Page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S7 RM Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. They've made a name for themselves. They've gotten sponsored. And they've entered this event and couldn't be stopped! Hive made it all the way to grand finals losing only two games of Rainmaker, and then took down Puppypop! 4-2 in grand finals! The final totals:
  • Hive took home $264 as a team
  • Puppypop! took home $176 from finishing second and winning the $20 pickup challenge
  • Unfortunately, this ended up being Puppypop's final tournament, as they disbanded after grand finals ended.
  1. Puppypop! and BnS Pickup #99 were both recipients of the $20 pickup challenge (where pickups, after being confirmed by staff, that make top cut bracket win $20 as a team). BnS Pickup #99's roster consisted of jacc, Umbre, Vera, Nodl, and Lil_Gonz!
  2. One team that continues to make a splash in the BnS series is Luminous Sea, with this marking one of their better placements to date, tying for third! Notable moments include sweeping Prophecy in top cut and taking a game off both grand finals teams, Hive and Puppypop!!!!


Swiss Stage

Top Cut Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: FRST 24 For Real Solid Tournament! That's not actually what FRST (FRee Splatoon Tournament) stands for, but it might be in some circles! Either way, let's check out all the action from FRST 24!

  1. Those of you familiar with the French scene may not be surprised as many of the top 8 in FRST 24. And one team wanted to prove they were still on top, that being EL Firmament!!! Going undefeated in all but one set (3-2 victory over Royalty Symphonic in top cut semis), they're still a force to be reckoned with in France by taking home the title!!!
  • Royalty Symphonic almost got the salty runback against EL Firmament, as the latter won the matchup that occurred in round 2 of Swiss 2-0.
  • Royalty Symphonic also took down the first seed overall going into the tournament, Astral, 3-1 in top cut, which is notable as the latter won FRST 22 and finished a solid third, defeating Naito Hoshi 4-2 in the bronze.
  1. Another notable performance was Squidding Good, who finished second while winning every game they played against teams not named EL Firmament, including a perfect 5-0 record against the fourth place finisher, Naito Hoshi (2-0 in Swiss, 3-0 in top cut)!
  2. A fun fact about this event is (excluding the FRST EU qualifiers) this is the biggest standard FRST event since FRST 18 in mid-May of this year!!!

Saturday Morning Coffee: Espresso Edition


Top 16 Final Standings: SMC Espresso Grab your morning cup of Joe, but be quick cause this edition of SMC will be gone before you know it!

  1. They won FRST the day before, and this time, EL Firmament helped show that they are a force to be reckoned with in all regions! While this road was far from easy (especially compared to their FRST victory the day before), they managed to 3-2 Clockwork in semifinals and 4-2 Demise in grands to topple the two-time champs and win their second tourney in a row!!!!
  2. This tournament also helped show that the clock was still ticking for Clockwork, as they defeated second seed Plumeria in quarterfinals, lost to the aforementioned EL Firmament 3-2 in semis, and took a game off Prophecy in the bronze match!
  3. This SMC occurred in place of one the following week, as the lead TO is assisting with Rising Squid LAN and how it will act as a qualifier for Platinum Cup 5 in December!!!

4v4 Sundaes 12


Bracket: 4v4 Sundaes 12 bracket What's better at the end of the week than a nice Sundae? This one comes with pineapple!!!

  1. In a Sunday tournament based around ice cream, another dessert type food took center stage, with Seafood Sorbet losing only one game across four sets, defeating three of the other top eight seeds (rematching one of them in grand finals) to claim the victory!!!
  2. That only loss by Seafood Sorbet? It came at the hands of the team finishing second, Euphoria, who managed to 3-2 Yatamochi in losers finals and defeated the fourth seed, @herescrimdm in winners round 2!

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