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THE Inkvitational: A Rundown!


Oct 09, 2018



The Inkvitational is, as the trailer notes, a triannual event where 16 of the top teams will compete in a battle for supremacy and prizes! In this case, there will be a $500 starting prize pool, increased through any and all donations raised from our stream, similar to BnS!

Note that this event is a TRIANNUAL one, which means you can expect another Inkvitational next February, and every four months after that!


This will be a two day event, taking place on October 13th and 14th, 2018.

  • Day 1 will include:
    • A round robin stage, with four pools of four teams apiece
    • Top two from each pool moves on to day 2
    • For those that have played at LAN events, the groups will be staggered so only one plays at a time (meaning coverage of day 1 will last from 11 am EDT to around 7 pm EDT, but NO team will be playing more than two hours!)
      • Group A will take place from 11 am EDT to 1 pm EDT
      • Group B will take place from 1 pm EDT to 3 pm EDT
      • Group C will take place from 3 pm EDT to 5 pm EDT
      • Group D will take place from 5 pm EDT to 7 pm EDT
  • Day 2 will include:
    • A double elimination bracket for the top 8 teams starting at 11 am EDT (just like day 1)
    • Many matches will get streamed
    • Roughly six hours of total gameplay for spectators!


Teams will be revealed from October 8th to October 11th on InkTV's Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Note: This article has been amended to emphasize that The Inkvitational is a recurring triannual event.

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