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THE Inkvitational: A Roundup!


Oct 18, 2018

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What it is

For more information on the overall format of The Inkvitational (especially since there will be more in the future), check out our article on it here!!!

The teams

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

The event

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Top 8 Bracket: Inkvitational Oct 18 16 of the top teams in the West battled it out for supremacy and prizes in the FIRST ever Inkvitational event!!!! But what happened? Who won? How much did each prize winning team take home?

  1. Thanks to many generous donations (and InkTV's supporters on Patreon), the prize pool for this event reached an insane amount of $2,555 as the largest online cash prize pool in Splatoon's history!!!!!!
  2. The ultimate winner? They played across seven sets over two days without dropping a single one, and putting an exclamation point on their run with a reverse sweep in grand finals. Their name? KRAKEN PARADISE!

  1. It wasn't just first place that got money, however. Enough funds were raised to get the top four teams at least a little something for doing well!
  • Kraken Paradise won $1,405.25 for first place
  • Ghost Gaming won $766.50 for second place
  • Doggy Dog World earned $255.50 for taking the bronze
  • Demise rounds out the top four by earning $127.75
  1. A few other notable highlights from across the two days included:

Kraken Paradise SURVIVING in overtime against Chikara:

Doggy Dog getting a last minute Rainmaker win over Prophecy in the group stage:

Ghost Gaming completing the reverse sweep in losers semis against Demise:

The next Inkvitational event is tentatively scheduled for about four months from now (in February 2019). Please stay tuned to InkTV's Twitter for more information on this and other InkTV events!


Oct 26, 2018

I hope the next one is in March instead.

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