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THE InkTV Open: A Rundown!


Dec 01, 2018

Official Trailer


Key times and dates

  • Date: December 29th and 30th, 2018
  • Check-in open: 10 am eastern time both days
  • Check-in close: 10:45 am eastern time both days
  • Tournament Start Time: 11 am eastern time both days
  • Registration OPEN: December 1st, 2018
  • Registration CLOSE: December 28th, 2018 at 6 pm eastern time


The InkTV Open is a triannual event that offers a counter to The Inkvitational, where instead of staff selecting who can play, everyone is welcome and encouraged to register and join in the fun!!! This event will feature a starting prize pool of $300 (U.S. Dollars) that can be added to by anyone and everyone through a donation drive run concurrently during the stream of the event, which can be found here!

And yes, this is a TRIANNUAL event, meaning it will rotate with The Inkvitational so teams have events they can play in and shoot for throughout the year! Combining this with extraFAganza and BnS, InkTV is bringing events for everyone all year long!


As with The Inkvitational, this will be a two-day event:

  • Day 1 will include:
    • Swiss Stage for all teams (number of rounds will depend on registration totals)
    • A play all four format (this will mean teams will play exactly four games each round)
  • Day 2 will include:
    • Top cut elimination bracket (top cut number will depend on registration totals)
    • Middle cut elimination bracket (middle cut number will depend on registration totals)
    • Final format for this will be announced in the coming weeks!


As of this article's posting, registration for this event is NOW LIVE!!!!!! As mentioned, ANYONE can participate, and if you register early, you might get spotlighted in an InkTV video for the event!

And keep in mind, the next edition of The Inkvitational is right around the corner and we're always keeping an eye out for teams making waves in big events...

Join the Discord server HERE!

Register up on Battlefy HERE!

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