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Jun 02, 2019

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About this blog

For those that remember my blog from early 2018 at Genesis 5, this will follow a similar mold. It will include a series of updates throughout the weekend that will encompass my experience at Smash N Splash 5. Please note that ANY people explicitly photographed in this blog have given their EXPLICIT consent to appear here!

Update time: 9:11 pm central daylight time, Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Yeahhhhhhhh, that larger update didn't come last night, did it? Oh well, too much fun was being had for that! But don't worry, I have arrived home safely, and once I comb through all my pictures from the event, I'll have that big update for everyone! Hopefully everyone had fun, and we can do it again at SnS 6 in 2020!!!!

Update time: 6:08 pm central daylight time, Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Quick update here, but the tourney portion of SnS 5 is now in the books! After an insane seven game grand finals, For The Whatt asserted their dominance and swept away Demise in order to claim their SnS crown (one weekend ahead of their normal team, Feed To Win, participating at E3 2019). Congrats to them and hopefully everyone has had fun! A larger update with more pics later tonight!

Update time: 9:37 pm central daylight time, Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Day 2 is in the books! And a few things happened today. To start with, we have our top six teams for tomorrow's finals! For those of you that may not be aware, here's where we're at for this update:

In Bronze and Silver Brackets:

  • Tougher Puffers take the victory in Bronze while Stratosphere, coming back together for this event, knocked off Steelshot to claim Silver Bracket.

In Top Cut:

  • Winners side: For The Whatt and Demise await in Winners Finals
  • Losers side: Lowkey faces PICKUPgrade and Deep Blues squares off with InControl in Losers Quarterfinals

As for me, many, many, MANY pictures were had today! I will likely post more later, but here are just a small handful of today's collection!

Meeting THE SlimyQuagsire once again! Slimy me SnS

The MUCH anticipated Rayn and RC cosplay, with them going as Rosalina and Bowsette respectively. Quite the adorable costumes if I do say so myself! Rayn and RC cosplay

The one and only TICTAC has made another appearance at a LAN event, and I was able to flag him down before his eventual 3-0 set win against Lowkey in winners semifinals! Tictac me SnS5

Finally, one person I had met several times before and one person I met for the first time in person this weekend. InkTV's own Bleck and Ebz, who not only helped with the production and administration of the event, but played in it on "Vitamin Deficien-Sea"! Blake Ebz me

There are many more people I want to take pictures with and more EXCITING matches to be had! Be sure to tune in TOMORROW for the insane conclusion to the Splatoon portion of SnS 5!!!!

Update time: 11:35 pm central daylight time, Friday, May 31st, 2019

Man, what a DAY! Day 1 of SnS 5 is now officially in the books, and many amazing games, sets, signatures, hugs, pictures, and more were had! I will be posting my completed poster after the event is over, but here's a (literal) snapshot of just a few of the people I've met! This picture features Lily and b17m4p, two good friends of mine.

Lily and bitmap

On top of that, I found three INSANE frauds doing their thing on the GenGame cast at the end of group C as well! From left to right, we have ShinyHunterZach, Bob, and Marshall!

Three frauds

Update time: 11:50 am central daylight time, Friday, May 31st, 2019

It's almost time! The event is ready to begin and we'll be starting with Group B! For those interested, this is the main stage and it looks HYPE!!!!

Stage setup 1

Stage setup 2

Update time: 10:06 pm central daylight time, Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Ooooooooooo boy, this has been some day and I've been able to meet a bundle of people today as the first day at SnS is coming to a close. One of those people is someone that I've met many times before, however, and that is THE NineWholeGrains!

Nine pic

Update time: 3:59 pm central daylight time, Thursday, May 30th, 2019

I have ARRIVED and checked in to the Kalahari!!! Waiting for my fraudulent roommates (Marshall, Queen, Jack, and Dreas) to get here, but enjoy some pics of our room! Hope to see many of you this weekend!!!

SnS room 1

SnS room 2

SnS room 3

Update time: 7:15 pm central daylight time, Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

The first, and hopefully one of the more mundane, updates to this blog! My family (who is NOT attending SnS) and I are headed up early to cut down on drive time. I'll be there sometime Thursday afternoon, and hope to see many of you there!

Packing up for SnS

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