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Blake "Bleck?" Burns

Jan 05, 2020


Is it Open?

Starting January 8th until February 12th the League Opens.

Playoffs February 22nd & 23rd

InkTV will be running 3 concurrent ladders. Each running for 2 hours and spaced 8 hours apart every day.

event listings

While the Ladders are listed as separate events, they are all a part of a singular event. However, standings in the ladder do not matter. What does matter are the matches you play. The Ladders are merely a vehicle to coordinate matches.

How do I know I'm better than everyone else?

The crux of the league is not how many wins you have nor how frequently you play.

What matters is who you play.

Every game in every set played for every player is tracked. Every win you will gain rating, every loss will lose rating. How much is determined by the strength of your opponents. Defeating a higher ranked team will yield more points than defeating a lower ranked team. As well as losing to a higher ranked team will lose fewer points than losing to a lower ranked team. So it is in your best interest to defeat as many higher ranked teams as possible.

Ranks?... Ratings?...

The Leaderboard tracks two measures, Mean and Deviation. Mean is a computed average of skill and the Deviation is standard deviation of that skill bell curve. The higher the Deviation, the more "unpredictable" the estimation of skill and inversely, the lower the Deviation the higher the confidence.

Ratings in of themselves are calculated by the Mean minus 3 times the Deviation. Which is statistical fun for a bottom line of "There is a 99.7% chance your rating is at least ___". But as previously stated, 3 times a large Deviation will result in a very low Rating. More matches are necessary to reduce Deviation.

That all said, Ratings are hidden and converted to Ranks. Ratings are grouped together and represented as the following Ranks: rankings

Ratings have been pre-seeded using the last 2 years of BnS tournament data. Current Player and Team standings will be Live and available here on January 8th.

I never played in BnS how is that fair!?

worry not little Jimmy; did you not see what I just mentioned before? What better way to climb the ranks quickly than for a fresh low rating to spank those who have the audacity to claim your spot on the leaderboard? The more extreme the disparity, the greater the gains and losses.

That's cool I guess, but how do I win it all?

Between February 12th & 21st, the top 6 teams will be invited to the Playoffs.

Should there be any issues where some players can't make it, teams can freely sub. However, Team ratings are based on the combined individual ratings. So choose your rosters wisely, else you may lose a coveted seeding.

And if this League isn't worldly enough for you, Barbara.. stay tuned for more updates

Wait what?


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